Steps On How To Effectively Clean Your Boat

Many boats are exposed to harsh conditions and with time, they tend to rust if they are made from metals, the paint fades and the fibreglass gets dull if they are made from fibreglass. This occurs mostly during winter periods. Especially if you live your boat in water for longer periods, they tend to be damaged and lose their glossy appearance faster. Therefore, for one to avoid these unfriendly conditions, you will need to carry out a thorough boat detailing. Therefore, I am going to take you through some steps that will help you regain the appearance of your boat.

First of all, you will need to thoroughly rinse your boat with adequate water to remove the dirt that may be attached on its surface. When rinsing, begin with the top side going downwards. You should add some boat soap in the water and use a fine piece of cotton cloth or sponge to clean the boat’s surface. When using the boat soap to rinse your boat, you should ensure that it doesn’t dry on the boat’s surface. Keep plenty of water or if possible, get a hose pipe near you to rinse the boat after applying the soap. For the final rinsing, you should use little water to splash on the boat’s surface. The reason behind this is because, when you use less water, the drying process hastens. This way, you will easily clean the boat than using a brush or a wash mitt. When you use the wash mitt or the brush, you will be work too hard hence you will sweat and even apply a lot of elbow grease. You should let the cleaning products do the work for you since when you use harsh scrubbing, the contaminants might get to the surface hence may scratch the finish.

You should only use the boat soap when cleaning the boat. Household products may work for you so well but the problem is that they may damage the gelcoat if left to dry on the surface. This is because they are highly alkaline hence can easily etch the gelcoat and strip the wax layers. The boat soaps come in granular and liquid form and in some cases, the liquid is concentrated. The concentrated soaps are advisable to use since you get the chance to get the job done faster. The first cleaning demands a very concentrated soap. You should also note that some soap remove the wax hence you should be keen when selecting the soap to use when cleaning your boat. It is stated on the soap whether it is safe for boat cleaning or not. But in some cases, there are no specifications showing the soap’s usage. Therefore, if you get soap without the usage specifications, you shouldn’t assume that it is safe for cleaning your boat. You might just be shocked how assumption gets expensive at times. You might even be forced to take your boat for a repair. Some of the fibreglass boat repairs Melbourne are done due to the damage of the wax by the soap used for cleaning the boat.

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