Social Perks Of Skateboarding

In this modern world it is a rarity to see members of this generation’s youth to be outside and interacting with one another socially. Nowadays they would much rather stay indoors and play video games and surf the web while chatting to their friends via online social media and messengers. Although this is still socializing it is not the same as interacting face to face. One of the rarest forms of socialization that still bring the young of today together is skating. Skate parks are still heavily occupied with a sea of different boards including the penny skateboard 27.

Sports teams used to be a great way for children to socialize and meet new friends but unfortunately it is also one of the more expensive and luxurious ways to do so. Skateboard for sale are relatively cheap and so is protective equipment, with some even being sold at local supermarkets and cheap stores. Another thing that makes it a cheaper alternative is that there is no sign up fee unlike joining a sport team. Parents cannot always be depended on for lifts to and from sport games; this can affect the child socially. With skateboarding the child can skate around their neighbourhood or even invite friends to their own place for a skate, eliminating the need for depending on transportation all together.

When trying to make friends it is advantageous to share a common interest with the person you are trying to establish the relationship with. Skateboarding is a great common interest to share with others because it is fun to do and talk about. There is also so much to it than just skating. Customize penny board is an excellent interesting hobby to share together because it is a fun and educational way to socialize. Together you can build one, discussing the wheels, type of grip tape and even the colour that you wish for your board to be. It teaches children the importance of following instructions, working with a variety of tools all while simultaneously making friends.

The local Skate Park is the best place for skaters to make friends. You can ride your penny cruiser at the park and meet a whole range of very diverse people that share an interest. High school students, families, younger children and even parents commonly occupy these parks so there is never a shortage of potential friends. These parks only have so much equipment and with a large amount of people there is guaranteed to be periods of time when you are waiting for a turn on a certain part of the park. This teaches children the importance of sharing, having manners as well as other social etiquette.

Children have neglected the importance of social skills and are suffering for it in the long run. Skating promotes the use of social skills in our everyday lives and helps children reap the benefits of utilising them. Overall skating is a frugal, educational and beneficial activity for all youth.

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